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Mini Mini FlingSock
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Fun Gripper Mini FlingSock
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Fun Gripper Mini FlingSock

Disability Approved Enjoy a Fun Gripper game of catch! The patented Fun Gripper surface and impact absorbing bean bag make the Mini FlingSock exceptionally easy to catch. The polyethylene pellets (beans) are double bagged for extra durability. A safe alternative to jarts for target games. Includes game booklet.

  • Easy to throw - Hold the handle. Spin the Mini FlingSock underhand at your side and let go.
  • Easy to catch - As you know, bean bags don’t bounce The loose fill absorbs the impact. The Mini FlingSock will sink securely into the palm of your hand. If you only get one finger on the bean bag, you’ll still most likely catch it. Catch the tail by grabbing loosely anywhere along the tail. It will slide through your hand until the handle stops automatically in your hand. These different catching options generate amazing catches.
  • Stuff’em in backpacks - The Mini FlingSock is great for the little ones backpacks for schoolyard & playground games.
  • Play in small areas - The smaller size allows you to play in much confined locations.
  • Ideal for wheelchair players - The shorter length of the Mini FlingSock makes it easier for a wheelchair bound or handicapped child to swing and control as they throw it to another player.
 Check out Mini Flings’ big brother the full size FlingSock
  • 16 1/2" in length from head to tail
  • The head end is a bean bag covered with the unique Fun Gripper surface
  • Long tail give plenty of catching surface
  • Soft foam handle on the tail makes both throwing and catching a breeze
  • Durable tie dye colored nylon fabric covers entire body
See the FlingSock video     FlingSock video

Unlimited Games
Because of the versatility of the Mini FlingSock, it can be used to play all the great games that you play with the fullsize FlingSock. They are simply played on a smaller scale. See the FlingSock Field Manual and the Great Game List for lots of wonderful game ideas.

Mini FlingSock - $6.50
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