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Preschool Activities

Gifts and Toys for kids

Games and Activities for kids

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Chalk Rubbings
Cotton ball Snowman
Fruity Cereal Necklace
Junk Mail
Lacing Cards
Make a Fort
Package Wrap
Fun homemade goop
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This category is for entertaining those little ones that need variety, need change, and need to physically experience their surroundings. Yes, it seems that they have a lot of needs!!!! And it can be challenging to come up with those ideas to keep them happy and entertained.

Chalk Rubbings
Required: Chalk or crayon and paper

Send the kids out to look for different and unique designs in their surroundings. Have them put several small samples on a large piece of paper by placing the paper on the object and rub across it with the chalk. Here are some ideas to give them - trees, pavement, patio brick designs, corrugated lawn furniture, wood siding, and tile flooring. Make sure they know not go off the paper, which could cause damage to the house or other valuable materials. After they are done, discuss their findings.

R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.
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Cotton Ball Snowman
Required: Paper, glue, cotton balls, pencil, cups to trace, macaroni, popcorn and paint

Find different size cups or mugs for preschoolers to trace-no glass. If you don’t have different size cups to use try small round containers, lids, or unopened cans. You’ll need three different sizes. On paper have preschoolers trace three circles in stacking order with the biggest on the bottom. Have them fill in the circles with cotton balls and a little bit of glue. You can simplify the gluing process by squeezing out glue onto a plate and giving them a cotton swab to use. Paint macaroni and popcorn different colors to use for eyes, mouth, nose and buttons.
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Fruity Cereal Necklace
Required: Fruity Cereal, string, and transparent tape

Cut one piece of string about 20- 26 inches long for each child. Put a piece of transparent tape on one end of the string. This will be helpful for those nimble little fingers in stringing the cereal on. Have the kids string on the cereal into the pattern of their choice. You can attach the ends with transparent tape which if pulled would pulled apart quickly. Always monitor where and how long your child wears any thing around their neck. After making the necklace the great part is eating the cereal off the string. Not recommend for kids under the age of 2.

R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.
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Junk Mail
Required: Junk mail, old labels, pencil, shoebox and stickers for stamps

Start saving that junk mail, including forms to fill out and envelopes. If you don’t have a play mailbox, make one. Use a shoebox and cut one end so that it opens like a real mailbox after you’ve taped the lid to the box. Write the child’s name and address down on a piece of paper. Have them practice writing their name on the unwanted junk mail forms. On blank envelopes they can learn how to address mail. For little ones, give them old address labels to stick on. Once the older children have mastered writing and addressing envelopes, have them write to someone. In the letter have them include a self addressed stamped envelope with a piece of paper for the recipient to respond with.
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 Safe toys for toddlers!

Lacing Cards
Required: Greeting cards, hole punch, tape or glue, and yarn

Use old or unwanted greeting cards and punch holes around the outer edge with a hole punch while card is closed. Take pieces of yarn and make one end useable for young fingers. You do this by either one of two methods. Place a small drop of glue on the end of the string and let dry or place a small piece of tape on the end of the string. Have the kids weave string around the outer edge over the card for decoration. They can even take glue thinned out with water and paint the front of card and add glitter.
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Make a Fort
Required: Blankets, sheets, chairs and books (for weights)

For a rain day activity nothing beats making a fort with blankets inside the house or basement. Grab a few chairs, maybe a card table; pull out those extra blankets, a sheet or two. A new habitat for those trapped inhabitants. It used to entertain us for hours and we always included those family pets as prisoners of our imagination at work. Make sure you crawl in also to experience the fun of being little again, nothing beats a cool parent.

R. Scheel, Fun-Attic, Inc.
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Package Wrap
Required: Old wrapping paper or comics, safety scissors, bows, tape, and ribbon

Find items for little ones to practice wrapping like a toy or several small boxes. Supply them with old wrapping paper or what also works great is comics from the newspaper. If they know how to use scissors instruct them on how to figure out what size to cut the paper. If they’re not trustworthy with scissors or have not mastered cutting skills, precut paper for them. Make sure you have an abundant supply of tape because to a preschool there’s never enough tape on a package. Decorate the package with bows, ribbons, string and they can even make a small card or tag.
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Preschool Activities  Preschool Activities   1     2     Back to Index

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Remember-The object is for everyone to have fun. The moderator is the all-powerful dictator. You may at any time change the rules or boundaries or handicap players to help balance out the wide spectrum of abilities. We want the tentative athlete and the superjock to play together at the best of their abilities.

Have Fun!

Now here are some colorful ideas to liven up play time.

If you have a fun game that is entertaining and healthy for kids of ANY age, you can send it to us for consideration and addition to our Games and Activities Guide.

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